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CB Tech Nanomesh™

Superior Solution for Water Purification

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CB Tech Nanomesh™ equals custom-manufactured, worry-free microbiological removal. Unlike alternative water purification technologies, CB Tech Nanomesh™ is neither constrained by power requirements nor compromised by the need for additional chemical additives. Instead, CB Tech Nanomesh™ utilizes proprietary technology to enhance its already formidable carbon block, allowing for up to 6-factor purification of viruses, bacteria, and cysts.

This makes CB Tech Nanomesh™ the superior solution for water purification, blending exceptional efficacy, reliability, adaptability, and convenience. CB Tech Nanomesh™ can make your custom filter product a universal solution for your water filtration and purification needs.

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Purification Technology

Tested according to NSF Protocol P231

CB Tech Nanomesh™ presents an unparalleled, customizable option for broad-spectrum water purification
coupled with powerful carbon block filtration.

At the heart of CB Tech Nanomesh™ is our proprietary filtration technology, as small as sub-nanometer in diameter. Superior electromechanical properties, enormous surface area, and high tensile strength make it ideal for fluid filtration. Activated carbon and substrate fibers are combined to provide six-factor water purification with low pressure drop.

Additional factors that make CB Tech’s microbiological water purifiers a competitive choice include their ability to remove not only aesthetic contaminants, such as color, odor and taste, but also health contaminants, like lead, mercury, Arsenic V and volatile organic chemicals (VOCs).

Our microbiological water filter is NSF tested under Protocol P231/P248 (Microbiological Purifier) to remove up to:
  • 99.9999% of bacteria
  • 99.99% of viruses
  • 99.9% of cysts
CB Tech Nanomesh is the perfect blend of performance, customization, and peace of mind.
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CB Tech’s carbon block purifiers eliminate the above contaminants and more through the following process:

  • Removing impurities with a physical size through a pre-filter, which prevents premature clogs
  • Micro-staining of each water molecule that passes through the carbon block’s dense, microscopic pores
  • Increasing adsorption of herbicides, pesticides, chemicals and heavy metals via an expansive surface area
  • Eliminating aesthetic and health contaminants through a solid activated carbon filter sheet
Versatility, performance and scalability — these are defining traits of CB Tech. We offer custom manufacturing for our WQA and NSF-certified microbiological water filters, whether you require a bulk or a small number of them.
We oversee our complete manufacturing, testing and assembly process through in-house facilities. Production of our water filters for bacteria and viruses, featuring CB Tech Nanomesh™, offers unparalleled flexibility and responsiveness to your specialized requirements, budget, delivery timeframe and destination.
Advantages of choosing CB Tech for custom carbon block purifiers include:
  • Flexible housing design
  • Industry-leading construction
  • Scalable performance and contaminant reduction objectives
  • Versatile material selection
With its unparalleled engineering and proprietary technology, CB Tech’s Nanomesh™ delivers clean water to multiple facilities, including schools, hospitals, residential neighborhoods, restaurants, military bases, food processing facilities and industries that demand safe drinking water from a leader in water filtration and purification.

CB Tech means superior, proven performance, at every level.