Water contamination is a widespread, complex issue that is receiving increased attention throughout the world. For many types of contamination, simple filtration methods are ineffective or inefficient, each treating only a fraction of water contaminant concerns. Carbon Block Technology provides a comprehensive solution, combining multiple filtration technologies to produce integrated solutions including solid carbon water filters.


Carbon Water Filters

CB Tech solid carbon block water filter products are some of the most effective, economical, convenient and reliable water filtration systems available today. Combining mechanical filtration, electrokinetic adsorption and physical adsorption, solid block carbon water filters are able to treat many contaminants with ease. There are even options designed to target certain health-affecting contaminants like Arsenic V.


Backed by 45 years of manufacturing experience and NSF certification, CB Tech produces solid carbon water filters that consistently improve the aesthetic and molecular purity of your water, removing both visible imperfections and health-affecting contaminants so you can enjoy clearer, healthier, more delicious water.

Custom Filters

Carbon Block Trio

CB Tech’s manufacturing capabilities allow us to quickly produce high-quality custom filters, designed to consistently meet your specific filtration needs. With the help of our staff, you can design a filter to meet your size, contaminant, performance and certification requirements, and we can quickly create high-quality custom solid carbon water filters according to your specifications.



CB Tech’s Nanomesh can make your carbon water filter a universal solution for your water filtration and purification needs. Unlike other water purification technologies, CB Tech’s Nanomesh requires no power and no chemical additives to work, making it an efficient and convenient purification system. Simply add this superior purification solution to your custom solid carbon water filter project so your customers can be confident in the contaminant removal performance of water filtered through a 6-factor purification process.

Military Grade Waterbox


Built using CB Tech solid carbon block filtration and Nanomesh technology, the WaterBox™ delivers pure, great tasting water in remote locations around the world without the use of chemicals or heat.

Easy-to-use, low-cost and dependable, the Waterbox is the best way to remove 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, cysts and other health-affecting imperfections from any water supply. The Waterbox is even compatible with existing military solar technology, making it easy to integrate into existing outposts. The Waterbox is also an ideal water solution for disaster and emergency preparedness.

Standard Filters

Carbon Block Technology Standard Filter

CB Tech solid carbon water filters are made in the United States and combine high-quality, FDA-compliant raw materials with cutting-edge manufacturing methods and NSF certified quality control processes. The result is a carbon block filter that is unequaled in performance.

These solid carbon block filters provide extremely efficient performance, reducing the presence of aesthetic and health-affecting contaminants quickly and producing delicious, healthy water for drinking, cooking and other purposes.

Drinking Water Systems

Countertop Drinking Water System

CB Tech offers a comprehensive line of high-performance drinking water systems designed to clean water for drinking and cooking purposes. These systems integrate seamlessly into commercial and residential applications, with many housing and size options to suit your needs.

These systems feature our proprietary Solid Carbon Block water filtration technology, and we even offer advanced options, like our arsenic filtration systems, to fit more specific filtration needs.

Replacement Filters

standard water filter

When your customer needs to replace the filter in their solid carbon water filtration system, CB Tech offers genuine replacement filters. These Solid Carbon Block replacement filters for our Drinking Water Systems provide safer, more refreshing and delicious water.

You can rely on us to provide the only genuine replacement filters that will protect both the performance and durability on your CB Tech drinking water system.

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