Custom Manufactured Water Filters

CB Tech delivers unsurpassed performance, quality and consistency to the water treatment industry. Our custom manufactured water filters demonstrate our skill, integrity and commitment to providing high-quality, carbon block filters that meet your specific requirements and objectives.

The products listed here are available for sale only to commercial dealers and wholesale customers who purchase CB Tech products in substantial quantities.

Manufacturing Processes for Custom Water Filters

Performance is our priority at CB Tech — that’s why we use the highest quality raw materials including a variety of carbons and other filtration media.

CB Tech carbon block filters are compressed, which offers several advantages over extrusion:

  • Delivers a final product with more consistent filtration properties
  • Requires less binder material to produce a cohesive, uniform block
  • Provides a broader selection of binder materials to use, which can result in more efficient use of materials
  • Allows designers to create a more flexible design to meet your needs.

While more labor-intensive, compression delivers the high-quality results CB Tech demands.

Carbon Blocks and Other Filtration Technologies

Custom manufactured water filters from CB Tech collaborate with other filtration technologies, including GAC. In CB Tech products, GAC acts as a pre-filter to our carbon blocks, which permits the reduction of aesthetic contaminants, like odor and taste.

Designing a Custom Carbon Block Filter

CB Tech’s design and manufacturing processes for custom carbon block filters include the following considerations:

  • Raw Material: High grade coconut shell carbon is one of core materials. It delivers an unmatched purity and micropore volume than other carbon sources, like coal or wood. A higher micropore volume translates to an increased surface area and porosity for greater adsorption. Coconut shell carbon is also a renewable, green resource.
  • Performance Objectives: Our custom filters center on your performance objectives. We consider your target capacity, flow rate and operating pressure when designing your custom carbon block filter. Other performance objectives include which contaminants you’re targeting, as well as your desired micron rating.
  • Performance Validation: Many CB Tech products undergo intensive testing from NSF International. NSF can offer several certifications, including NSF/ANSI Standard 42, 53 and 401. Testing for NSF Protocol P231 is available with our custom manufactured water filters, as well.
  • Filter Dimensions: CB Tech manufactures filters in a range of sizes to meet your unique needs. We ensure the performance of your custom-built carbon block filter by including end caps, as well as outer and inner wraps of synthetic fabric. We can also help develop a high-quality housing to deliver maximum performance.
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Build a Custom Manufactured Carbon Block Filter

With more than 45 years of experience, CB Tech defines integrity, performance and quality in the water treatment industry. Every custom carbon block filter is manufactured at our manufacturing center and assembly facilities to deliver quick responses to changes, as well as a consistent production quality. Contact us today to begin designing your custom filter.

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