CB Tech Commercial Water Filters

Effective. Economical. Powerful. That’s the CB Tech difference.

As an industry-leader of water purifier and filter systems for commercial use, our NSF-certified, carbon block commercial water filters reduce health and aesthetic contaminants without chemical additives:

  • CB CTO Filter: Designed with FDA-approved materials and for reverse osmosis (RO) applications, the NSF-certified CB CTO Filter offers 10 and 25 nominal filtrations, as well as exceptional chlorine reduction rates. It’s available in many different model sizes.
  • CB SUBM Filter: Engineered with a 0.5 nominal filtration and for most standard-size housings, the NSF-certified CB SUBM Filter provides a high chemical adsorption for VOC or chloroform. It’s a recommended water filter for polishing commercial drinking water.
  • CB SUBMPb Filter: Manufactured with a 0.5-micron nominal filtration for lead and chemical adsorption, the NSF-certified CB SUBMPb Filter delivers excellent final polishing of drinking water. It’s available in four different models, which vary in size and VOC and lead reduction rates.

Applications of CB Tech Commercial Water Filters

Industries worldwide choose CB Tech. Uses of our commercial water filters include:

  • Beverage: Protect your facility’s equipment, such as your ice, espresso and coffee machines with the performance of CB Tech filters. With CB Tech Nanomesh™ Technology, our filters deliver unparalleled water purification that removes bacteria, viruses, cysts and other contaminants.
  • Food: From preparing plates to washing dishware, ensure your company’s processes stay safe and sanitary with the uniform construction and broad surface area of CB Tech filters. With commercial water filters engineered to target specific contaminants, such as lead and arsenic, you can ensure the health of your staff and patrons.
  • Healthcare: Provide your patients, physicians and staff with a clean, healthful source of drinking water with the activated carbon build and small particle size of CB Tech water filters. Our filters deliver the necessary performance to reduce contaminants and prevent the growth of bacteria.

Custom Commercial Water Filters from CB Tech

Integrate the latest filtration technology with your facility’s unique demands into a custom commercial water filter. With our series of in-house assembly centers and adaptable manufacturing facility, CB Tech is equipped to deliver a filter that meets your performance goals, requirements and commercial drinking water system’s build.

We design all our custom filters to meet the most stringent certification standards of NSF International, including:

  • NSF/ANSI Standard 42
  • NSF/ANSI Standard 53
  • NSF/ANSI Standard 61
  • NSF/ANSI Standard 372
  • NSF/ANSI Standard 401
  • NSF Protocol P231
  • NSF Protocol P248
  • NSF Protocol P473
  • NSF Protocol P477

Through a proprietary manufacturing process, CB Tech produces water filters with the highest levels of contaminant treatment and consistent production runs, ensuring every commercial water filter delivers maximum performance. Learn more about our custom services by contacting us today.

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