NSF/ANSI 401 Certified Water Filters

You want your water to be as safe as possible for you and your family — and so do we. That’s why our water filtration systems such as the CB-VOC and Water Guardian are NSF/ANSI 401-certified.

NSF/ANSI 401 Emerging Contaminants/Compounds

Our CB-VOC and Water Guardian products have the distinction of the NSF Standard 401 Certification for Incidental Contaminants and Emerging Compounds. This is a classification of a variety of contaminant compounds that may be found in unfiltered drinking water. This certification is based on analysis from industry experts, the scientific community and from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines. It verifies that our water filters can reduce the concentration of these contaminants that enter the system to an equal or lower level to the permissible limit for water exiting the system.

Incidental contaminants and emerging compounds are defined as a category of water quality constituents for which there may be pubic concern over their presence. However, health effects may have not yet been established for these compounds because the low levels at which they are currently being detected. These compounds may include pharmaceutical drugs, pesticides, herbicides, detergents and chemicals used as flame retardants. Specifically, Group I consists of contaminants like carbanazepine, DEET and trimethoprim, Group II contains contaminants like TCEP and TCPP and Group III includes contaminants like bisphenol-A, estrone, ibuprofen, naproxen and nonylphenol. Our CB-VOC and Water Guardian products are certified for reducing levels of these and other contaminants by over 95 percent.

Benefits of NSF 401 Certification for Water Safety

Many people are well aware of the environmental dangers one may find in today’s water supply. For your safety and the safety of your family or your customers — in the case of business applications, you must have an effective way of filtering your water. NSF certification is a clear indicator that a product is an effective filtration method.

We pride ourselves on having our products certified by an organization that has been verifying environmental health and safety in products since 1944. As the leading worldwide independent third-party certification and testing organization for water quality and food safety products, the NSF is a body you can be sure you can trust when it comes to choosing water filtration products.

How the NSF Certifies Our Products

Before certifying one of our CB Tech drinking system products, NSF puts that product through rigorous testing for safety and performance. Testing involves a wide range of factors as established by industry experts, the scientific community and by recommendations and regulations from the EPA.

Competitive Advantages of the NSF 401 Water Filter

You will find an NSF 401-certified water filter in CB Tech’s Drinking System products, as well as a range of other NSF certifications. This gives you the advantage and comfort of knowing that you are protected against high levels of emerging contaminants and compounds when you use these products.

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Enjoy the Benefits of Safer, Cleaner Water With NSF Standard Certified Water Filter Products From CB Tech

Our goal at CB Tech has always been to offer products that provide the cleanest, best-tasting, safest water possible. It is what has made us the company to turn to for water filtration systems for over 45 years. To enjoy better water for yourself and your family, contact CB Tech for a free custom quote today.

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