Pharmaceuticals in Drinking Water

CB Tech Water Filter for Removing Pharmaceuticals from Water

If you are concerned about pharmaceutical pollution in water in your home or industrial facility, turn to CB Tech products such as CB-VOC, CB-As and Water Guardian. Our Nanomesh™ Technology and solid carbon block filters are a very effective solution to the problem of pharmaceuticals in drinking water.

Why It Is Important to Have a Water Filter That Removes Pharmaceutical Contaminants

Many people do not think of prescription or non-prescription pharmaceuticals, or medications, as something to worry about when it comes to your drinking water. The truth, however, is that pharmaceuticals may pass through humans into the sewage system, may be thrown out or flushed into the sewage system and may be passed into the environment through manufacturing waste. Any of these factors can contaminate your groundwater and allow unwanted substances to seep into your drinking water.

Naturally, ingesting medications, even non-prescription ones, through your drinking water without you knowing can be very dangerous. Any drug can have side-effects, and any drug may have an undesirable interaction with a certain individual’s physiology. Drinking pharmaceutical-contaminated water may be seen as the equivalent of taking someone else’s medication or taking a medication without any knowledge of its effects. There is no way to predict how it could affect your body.

Certification of CB Tech Certified Water Filters That Remove Pharmaceuticals From Water

When you use CB Tech’s drinking water filtration and purification systems, you can be confident that you are protected from excessive foreign pharmaceutical infiltration to your water. That is thanks to our solid carbon block filters which are designed to filter out, among other contaminants, what are known as “emerging compounds and incidental contaminants,” which include many pharmaceuticals.

Our filtration systems use electrokinetic adsorption, physiochemical adsorption, mechanical filtration and other methods to substantially reduce the presence of contaminants like asbestos, lead, radon, chlorine and a range of pharmaceutical chemicals.

You can be confident in the ability of the CB Tech drinking water systems to block pharmaceuticals and other contaminants due to our many NSF certifications. Those familiar with NSF International know that they have been the accepted third-party tester and certifier of water filtration, food safety and other environment-related products for well over half a century. Our drinking water systems’ NSF certifications include NSF/ANSI Standards 42 (Aesthetic Effects), 53 (Health Effects) and 401 (Emerging Contaminants).

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Protect Your Water From Pharmaceuticals and Other Contaminants With CB Tech

If you value the quality of your water, we urge you to try CB Tech drinking systems. We are an industry leader when it comes to carbon block water filtration that has been providing quality water filtration drinking systems for over 45 years. Our products are stringently tested and designed to give you the clean, safe and pure water you can feel comfortable drinking.

If you would like drinking water that is free from pharmaceuticals and other potentially harmful chemicals, contact us to find out more or to order a CB-VOC, CB-As, Water Guardian or one of our other highly effective water filtration systems. Get in touch with us today.

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