Radon in Drinking Water

CB Tech Radon Drinking Water Filter Systems

If you are familiar with radon, you are probably aware that it is a very dangerous substance. However, most people typically think of radon as an airborne gas and not a water contaminant. The truth, however, is that there is a possibility of finding radon in drinking water in certain circumstances. This problem can be avoided with a CB Tech Drinking Water Filtration System, such as the CB-VOC, CB-As and Water Guardian.

Why It Is Important to Have a Reliable Radon Water Filter to Remove Radon in Drinking Water

Radon is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas that is a product of the radioactive breakdown of ground uranium. While most people tend to be concerned about being exposed to radon in the indoor air of the home, radon can also get into drinking water.

Radon can dissolve into underground water sources and get into the area’s groundwater. It can then make its way into your plumbing and end up in the water you use for showering, cleaning or cooking. When that happens, the radon can escape into the air and pose a significant danger to you and your family. Radon in indoor air is the second leading cause of lung cancer, resulting in about 20,000 deaths per year.

According to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates, about 168 deaths from cancer each year are a result of radon in drinking water. Eighty-nine percent of these deaths are from lung cancer that is the result of a person inhaling radon that escapes into the indoor air from the water. The remaining 11 percent are from stomach cancer as a result of drinking radon-contaminated water.

How to Remove Radon From Water

While not all drinking water has radon, it is a good idea to protect yourself through the use of a carbon filtration system such as those you will find in CB Tech’s products. Our unique solid carbon block filter combined with electrokinetic adsorption, physiochemical adsorption and mechanical filtration can dramatically reduce concentrations of not only radon, but also lead, mercury, asbestos, VOCs, arsenic and other contaminants that could be carcinogenic or cause illness.

Our CB Tech water filtration products are NSF certified, and we consider this to be the most rigorous certification for water filtration products available. NSF International is a third-party certification site with over 70 years of reliable history effectively testing and verifying water filtration products. Our products are NSF/ANSI Standard 42 certified for Aesthetic Effects, NSF/ANSI Standard 401 certified for Emerging Contaminants and NSF/ANSI Standard 53 certified for Health Effects.

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Protect Your Drinking Water From Radon and Other Contaminants With CB Tech

You may not have a problem with radon in your drinking water, but there is no way to know it without testing for it. Instead of going through that expense, however, you can apply one of our water filtration products to your drinking system. This will protect you from radon in your drinking water as well as many other potential contaminants. Our filters can also make your water smell better and taste better, too.

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