Las Vegas, NV, April 6, 2017: Carbon Block Technology (CB Tech) Vice President of Technical Services, Andrew Fenwick, Ph.D., has been recognized by the Water Quality Association (WQA) as their 2017 Next Gen Award winner.

Established at the beginning of 2017, the Next Gen Award recognizes exceptional individuals in the water treatment industry who are 40 years of age or younger. By honoring Dr. Fenwick as an inaugural recipient of the Next Gen Award, WQA not only acknowledges Dr. Fenwick’s knowledge and expertise in the science of water treatment, but also recognizes his dedication and passion toward the betterment of water treatment and the industry as a whole. Dr. Fenwick feels honored by this recognition, stating, “Receiving this inaugural award is incredibly flattering, both for me and for CB Tech. It is easy to do the work needed to improve water treatment when you are surrounded by a strong and supportive group of people, from [CB Tech President] Zachary Rice and [CB Tech COO] Alvin Rice, to my incredibly bright and motivated laboratory and quality assurance teams. Their hard work and support affords me the ability to participate in industry groups and committees that help expand the boundaries and influence of the water treatment industry.”

CB Tech President Zachary Rice feels privileged to have Dr. Fenwick as an integral part of the CB Tech team. “Dr. Fenwick is incredibly intelligent and dedicated, and we are proud to have him as our Vice President of Technical Services. We have long recognized the passion and talent he brings to water treatment, and we are honored by the WQA’s decision to honor him with their Next Gen Award. With Dr. Fenwick on our team, we are confident that we will remain at the cutting edge of water treatment for the foreseeable future.”

The Water Quality Association (WQA) is a not-for-profit international trade association representing the residential, commercial, and industrial water treatment industry. WQA maintains a close dialogue with other organizations representing different aspects of the water industry in order to best serve consumers, government officials, and industry members.

Founded in 1970, Carbon Block Technology is an industry leader in the manufacture and distribution of drinking water systems and compressed solid carbon block filters. Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, CB Tech employs over 300 people, and is committed to being a company that provides the people of the world with the best quality drinking water at an affordable price. Carbon Block Technology is a member of the Water Quality Association, the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, and the Better Business Bureau.

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